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Friday, September 06, 2002
posted by Jen at 9/06/2002 12:22:00 PM

Oh boy, is my life getting silly. And imitating art, too. I feel sometimes that when I was writing GOOD IN BED, I was predicting my own future, in a weird way (also, in a way that has not involved a premature birth, befriending a Hollywood star, or marrying a doctor).

Long story short -- I went to Los Angeles last week. I was going to visit my agent Joanna and her husband, Eric, who will be living out there for a year, and my brother Jake and his wife April, who will be living out there for the forseeable future, and also meet with some of the people who are working on IN HER SHOES, the movie.

That was the plan. And then things on the GOOD IN BED front started heating up. I don't want to say exactly what the situation is, because it's not a done deal, and I don't want to jinx anything, but let's just say that as a result of last week's conversations I now Know People Who Know People -- and that some of the people they know have access to AMERICAN IDOL tickets.

So there I was, on my fourth day in Los Angeles, rooting frantically through my suitcase, trying to find something appropriately youthful to wear (not like it mattered, because I was easily twice as old as the average Justin fan). Joanna and I waited in line for about an hour, standing in front of three hard-core Kellyites.

"I want Justin to win," one of them said, "so he can have his hit single and then leave."

To which I took great offense. "He's going to have at least two hit singles," I said. "Plus the VH-1 Behind the Music special."

Meanwhile, Joanna, who I think had seen the show precisely once, was trying to figure things out as the line inched forward. "We get to vote?" she asked.

I hit her on the head with the envelope containing our tickets. "Yes, you get to vote."

She blinked at me. "So.....do you actually vote?"

"Yes, I vote."

More blinking. "You're going to make me sound clueless on your website, aren't you? I'm going to be the clueless agent who didn't understand American Idol."

Um....pretty much.

Here's what I can tell you, having seen Tuesday night's finals first-hand.

1. The judges do not hate each other at all. In fact, the judges are perfectly chatty and cordial when the cameras aren't on them.

2. Kelly's voice is HUGE. It's even more impressive live than it sounds on television.

3. Justin practices his dance moves offstage before his performances, and if you're there and looking closely, you can see him silhouetted behind the scrim, kicking and thrusting. It's cute.

4. The British Idol? Horrible. Worse than E.J., A.J., and even R.J. on a bad day. No stage presence, so-so voice, lost the audience completely by the chorus. Is this really the best Great Britain could do?

And after the show was a party. No Idols, alas, but I did see a vastly pregnant Jennie Garth, daughter in tow, and a teeny-tiny Melissa Rivers, and there were drinks with light-up ice cubes, and all manner of fancy foods, including tasty (if inauthentic) cheesesteaks and a mashed potato bar.

And the day after that....well, can I just say how strange it is to hear of smart, high-powered women dissect a character who is a kind of sort of streamlined and improved version of me?

It's very strange indeed.

"Cannie's so real!"

"She's so funny!"

"But not in a slapstick way. In a dry, take-no-bullshit way."

"And she's so hip!"

At which point I had to say something. "Um....I don't know how hip she is." Thinking, I don't know how hip I am. Not very, would be my guess. "I mean, she's hip for Philadelphia...."

"Oh, of course!"

"That's what we like!"

"That it's not about a girl in New York or LA, it's about a real girl, in a real place, with real problems."

"The family stuff....the father stuff...."

"She's identifiable!'

"She's universal!"

"She's every woman!"

At which point, I really wanted to say, "Yes, and that's even before lunch!" But I kept my mouth shut.

I hope to be able to tell you all exactly what's happening with GOOD IN BED, very, very soon.

Meanwhile, to tide you over, pick up the October Glamour. There's a very nice mention of IN HER SHOES, and, better than that, there's a model posing with a very handsome rat terrier. It's not Wendell, but it could be!
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