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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
posted by Jen at 6/22/2005 02:19:00 PM

I’ve been fighting the good fight with the girl and TV.

Back in the hippy-dippy, pre-baby days, when I was full of high ideals and energy, I vowed, “No television! Not one second of colorful cartoon brain rot will my darling daughter view!”

Well. She’s two now, and I use TV the way most formerly high-minded, energetic mothers I know do – if ten minutes of Maisy or Elmo’s World means I can empty the dishwasher or get her lunch on the table, I figure, it’s not the end of the world.

This afternoon, the cable guy was here, the dog was barking, and lunchtime was half an hour overdue. I flicked on Noggin and parked Lucy in front of “Caillou.”

Five minutes later, she started screaming.

She wasn’t whining. She wasn’t whimpering. She wasn’t crying. This was a full-on, red-faced, trembling, hysterical, one-of-my-limbs-has-just-fallen-off howl.

I raced into the living room and found her trying to crawl over the back of the couch. I scooped her into my arms. “DON’T LIKE THAT!” she finally wailed, when she was able to form coherent words again.

“Don’t like what, honey?”

“DON’T LIKE THAT!” she shrieked, pointing at the television set. I flicked the picture off, but not before I caught a glimpse at what had her so terrified.

Was it an ad for a monster truck rally? A commercial for a Disney flick? A teaser for the evening news with a shot of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes embracing?

It was none of those things.

It was Barney.

For whatever reason, she is utterly freaked out by the dancing purple dinosaur.

I have no explanation as to why, and my attempts to find out have been unsuccessful (Me: "Lu, why don't you like Barney?" Lu: "Because I don't like him!")

In other news, there’s going to be a fabulous, star-studded bash in the Hamptons replete with pairs of socialite sisters and a screening of “In Her Shoes,” and I am….

A. Looking forward to attending
B. Trying to decide what to wear
C. Figuring out what I’ll say to the Sykes sisters
D. Not on the guest list

I’m sure it’s just an oversight.

Definitely just an oversight.
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